Having IT certifications

So, someone told you that having certificates weren’t worth the paper they are printed on?

I can almost guarantee this was told to you by someone who has certifications in English or the Arts. While I mean no disrespect to those, having an IT Certification is worth its weight in gold.

What are the benefits of having IT Certification? The most obvious one is that you will score a job in the IT field. Having IT Certification will give you the advantage over those that don’t have one, and they make your resume look amazing.

Continuing to earn IT Certifications can also mean that you have better job retention and possible promotion. If a person thinks they have learned everything they need to get by and stop learning new things, they are going to be quickly passed by someone that keeps learning new things. Be the latter.

IT Certifications are also an investment in your career. IT Certifications open doors to networking opportunities, professional development, as well as making sure you have professional credibility. You will be a valued member of the team because your commitment to your career and proficiency in it. It’s nice to be valued and needed.

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